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Jackson County Veteran's Outreach

A ministry of Grace Covenant Ministries to war veterans and their families.

A Pastor to Veterans - About us

Pastor Bob Scholten has counseled and encouraged Veterans for over thirty years. He has also ministered to their extended families. Bob has written three books relating to Veterans finding peace & healing through Jesus Christ and His Word - the Bible. Bob served in the Army for 2 1/2 years including 10 months in Vietnam as a gunner on a Duster with the 4th Btn. of the 60thArty, through which he was attached to the 173 Airborne Infantry. Pastor Bob, who has ministered to many over the decades, had to come to terms with a foe he thought was concord in his life - PTSD. His family and friends watched his downward spiral into "they knew not what." On advice of the VA he entered a six week PTSD "in-house" Program. Bob is still working through PTSD issues with the help of the Lord & the guidance of caring VA personnel. The author of three books has come full circle with the reality of a way of life that needs much understanding, patience, mercy & love. He's not alone. Bob hopes to write, "BUSHWHACKED: A Journey Into, Through and Beyond PTSD: A Biography of HOPE" about his V.A. PTSD Program journey.

Jim Truett served in the Regular Army from 1973 - 1977, then in the KY Army National Guard from 1981 - 1998. Jim served in Desert Shield & Desert Storm (1990 - 1991). He has served in many different positions during 20+ years with the Military. Jim brings a wealth of Military experience & knowledge to the Outreach, along with what seems to be an endless supply of friends and contacts. Jim's wife Sheila, like Cheryl, has also entered into the work and fellowship of the Jackson County Veterans Outreach.

Al McDonald entered the Army in October 1964. He took Basic Training at Fort Knox, KY; Paratrooper School at Fort Benning, GA; assigned to Fort Bragg, N.C. Al pulled 3 tours in Vietnam during a 7 year period. He had a tour in Germany; spent time in Panama Canal, Norway and England. He "ETS" in January 76; then entered the Army Reserves 3 years later. Al retired 1st SGT with 28 years total Military Service. Al McDonald, like Jim, brings a wealth of Military experience & knowledge to the Jackson County Veterans Outreach. He also has good insights into the Scriptures and into applying the "Living Word" into a "dying world."

For Veterans:

Offers all Veterans a place to come experience acceptance, comfort, counsel, encouragement, faith and fellowship, in a spirit of HOPE here in Jackson County.

For Spouses & Families of Veterans:

Offers spouses and family memebers of Veterans a peaceful place to come expereience HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT, along with finding folks who understand what it means to be a spouse or family member of a Veteran (especially a War Vet.)

Contact us

Jim Truett          606-877-4685
Bob Scholten    606-364-3101
Al McDonald     606-364-3664
JCM Office        606-364-5151